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January 2016

The conclusion of 2015 was a very Christmas Meet at Yate, with I think it was fair to say, standing room only, we changed the room layout a little to make as much space as possible, but even that was filled.

The Christmas Meet at Yate has always been special to us, and well attended, but since moving our Annual Awards to December, the attendances have been phenomenal.

We had a record number of entries again this year, with 58 trucks being judged, by our guest judges, Nick Way and Keith Zeitzen, to who we are extremely grateful, for taking the time to spend the day with us, and doing the really difficult job of judging.

This year we added a Junior Class to encourage our growing number of Junior members, we re-introduced the Plant and Agriculture Class, and we added a new Heritage Class.

So congratulations to all our award winners

Class Award Name
American Trophy John Bayliss
American 2nd Jer Blinman
American 3rd Wayne Young
MAN Trophy Mark Stevens
MAN 2nd Tony Potter
MAN 3rd Rob Briggs
Mercedes Trophy William James
Mercedes 2nd Jack
Mercedes 3rd Rob Briggs
Scania Trophy Jo Stringer
Scania 2nd Paul Fear
Scania 3rd Chris Small
Volvo Trophy Mark Howe
Volvo 2nd Ste Cooper
Volvo 3rd Not Awarded
Plant & Agriculture Trophy Jack
Heavy Haul Trophy Barry Vincent
Heritage Trophy Russ
Best Load Trophy Stu Loud
Best in Show Trophy Russ
Best Junior Trophy Adam Ray

August 2014

As we near the end of our 2014 "SWRCT On Tour" season, with our final 'home' gig this weekend, it is perhaps time to reflect on our achievements this year.

We started the season with the SWMEE show at Shepton Mallet, with what was undoubtedly our biggest layout to date, taking pride of place in one of the largest sheds, and the first outing of our representation of the famous West Country landmark, the Suspension Bridge!  Loads of people visited the layout, and we received a huge amount of positive feedback from our visitors.

As you can imagine the logistics of transporting metres of rubber roadway, and other items was beginning to take a toll on our original club trailer, so in time for a maiden journey to the far West, we acquired a huge double axle trailer, and some transportation cages, that overnight transformed our logistical operations!

So on to an absolutely stonking weekend at Cornwall Truck Show, which was celebrating their fifth anniversary. This was our third year at the show, and each year we make the layout a bit bigger, thanks to the good people of Stithians Agricultural Society, (if any of them are reading this, the whole shed next year, would be 'ansum). The show was brilliant this year on so many levels, more trucks, brilliant weather, more of our club members attended, the Truck Song 2014 mix, the bucking sheep, the list goes on. This year we done a night drive, sneaking out in the twilight to drive around the showground, initially to a small audience, but as word spread the crowd got bigger and bigger, emptying the Beer Tent, and having an adverse effect on takings until the trucks were safely back in bed, and I made it to the Beer Tent. Our passion for the hobby is infectious especially with the drivers who are fascinated with the models, and how they work, even if they are a bit frightened of having a go themselves, especially in front of their mates!

A big thanks to Tony Stocks and family for inviting us back year after year.

A couple of weeks break, and then on to a field in Somerset, the Wessex Truck Show, well what a difference a year makes! Over 450 life size trucks, supported by over 40 not so life size trucks! A brilliant weekend! One hell of a lot of effort went into creating a 20m square level base on grass for a fantastic layout! Again loads of interest from all visitors, and as with most shows, a flurry of new members to the fold. We done what we do best at Yeovil, engaging with the crowds, who are keen to ask questions, and look in awe at some of the trucks, with Allan's Rotator, and Matt's Nooteboom gooseneck leaving visitors speechless following demonstrations!

"SWRCT On Tour" brings out the best in the club, our passion, our comradery, and our team working, every one of us bring something unique to SWRCT, that makes us Simply the Best RC Truck club in the UK!


July 2014

After much deliberation, and with the help of Allan Shillitto, we decided to re-launch our Facebook Group with an easier to remember name!


The feedback about the site is good, and we appear to be attracting members from outside the 'core' RC truck community which is very welcome and spreading the word about this fantastic hobby of ours!


April 2014

Having been bitten by the bug in 2013, a number of members made the annual pilgrimage to Intermodellbau in Dortmund! By air and by car, they travelled so far, a healthy contingent from Cornwall, and a not so healthy contingent from the Bristol area. The show never ceases to amaze, although still somewhat lacking from the halcyon days pre the Euro crisis, it really is a shop window for some really talented German modellers, from all disciplines, but as you might guess, the RC trucks are our main focus. We know the planning involved in taking the Southwest RC Truckers on tour, but the effort made by some of the German clubs is phenomenal, huge layouts, involving tons of soil, road markings, planting cress and other seeds to add to the realism, not to mention the logistical challenges, needs to be applauded. Their are often videos on YouTube showing different aspects of the show, but if you have never been, it should go on your 'things to do' list. Oh and as always plenty of goodies to bring back home!


17th -19th August 2012

No sooner as it is all packed away, we hit the road again, for the second date of the SWRCT 2012 tour!

This time it's a home gig, the buzzing metropolis of Thornbury! There is the middle of Hall 3, our massive 10m x 8m  stage, a blank canvas! The 'roadies' start unloading plastic, rubber, and wood from our fleet of vehicles, amid much head and ball scratching, another masterpiece is created!  If we have a plan nobody is letting on, but piece by piece, it all comes together......after 6.5 hours of toil, and with each piece lovingly placed in postion, most more than once, our plaything for the next three days is complete, so it's off to bed ready for Friday morning!

By 0930hrs, the place is buzzing with anticipation... out for a crafty fag break, and to survey the crowds, queueing by the door, pondering the surprises the day would bring, 1000Hrs, the doors open, and a steady stream of people come and watch us in action on the layout. As the temperature increased (no air conditioning) it seemed like the start of the monsoon season, yes and by lunchtime it was p****** down! Steammad (Tony) was seconded to vehicle recovery from the field that was the car park, and unsurprisingly the crowds dwindled, but we were still having fun! Having extracated around 30 cars, and used half a tank of diesel, Tony left the other 100+ cars to a team of two tractors who then spent the rest of day enjoying themselves. Luckily none of our members got stuck, although it is rumoured Mike Brooks, swears by 'mudpacks', well at least swears!

Saturday, was another steady day, with a handful of visitors spending a considerable amount of time talking with various members, and picking their brains, and we welcome those guys to the forum, and hope they enjoy being members of our group.

We thought we would try something a little different this year, and allow visitors to our display to 'vote' for their favourite truck, and although we had some 'teething' problems, we had an encouraging response, and feel it definately generated some more interest. More about the results later!

Sunday was definately the busiest day of the weekend, the weather was better, and I think those that aborted visits on Friday and Saturday came to enjoy what was on offer!

There are members of our hobby who clearly are 'masters of their art', but that accolade also goes across the board, to the guys that are 'true' engineers, be their mediums, metal, wood, plastic or fabric, who made the whole event extremely interesting!

A big thanks to everybody, who made our bit of the show amazing, to club members, and guests, to our families, and to the public who support and encourage us to go from strength to strength. THANK YOU!

Now to the Awards

We had awards in the following categories:

  Junior, Adult, Construction Plant, and 'Best in Show'

Overall we had a total of 34 voting slips in the Ballot Box, including 3 blank ones!, 22 for the Adult Section, and 9 for the Junior Section. The awards for Construction Plant and Best in Show were selected by one of the Traders, and Les & Deb Mainwaring.

The Results of the 2012 SWRCT Awards are:

 Junior - 1st  Shaunie Ramsey - Scania 143;  2nd Ellis Ramsey - Mercedes Actros; 3rd Kieran Stevens - MAN

 Adult - 1st   Matt Ramsey - Scania Heavy Haul; 2nd Tony Butler - Jeep; 3rd Kevin Annetts - MAN TGX (Lifeboats)

 Construction Plant - Barry Peacock - O&K 360 Excavator

 Best In Show - Matt Ramsey - Scania Heavy Haul

 Congratulations to all the worthy winners! Roll on 2013! 


27th-29th July 2012

Southwest RC Truckers head to the far South West and the Cornwall Truck Show. The sun came out, the pasties were hot, and great time was had by all!

Given the current economic climate, the show suffered a fall in numbers in both trucks and visitors, but those that attended still enjoyed it, and were definately interested in our hobby, we had a steady stream of visitors over both the main days, from the general public and truckers alike. Hopefully, we will acquire some more members.

We also made a small donation from our funds to the organisers, for the two charities supported by the show, Children's Hospice South West (Little Harbour) and Help for Heroes.

Here's looking forward to the next one!

 You can see the pictures of our escapades here!


19th June 2012

Congratulations to Jamie Sparkes on becoming Young Outstanding Mechanic of the Year, sponsered by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI).

Well Done!


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